Here you can watch a serie of 16 video Tutorials from Youtube with node.js and Express module, useful for beginner.
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Node.js with express - Step by Step Video Tutorials

  1. Expressjs introduction
  2. Expressjs environment setup
  3. Basic program
  4. Express js routing
  5. URL binding
  6. Middleware
  7. Templating
  8. Static files
  1. Post data
  2. Express database
  3. Cookies
  4. Sessions
  5. Express scaffolding
  6. Error handling
  7. Restful api
  8. Expressjs debugging

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag adds a new line into a paragraph?
<b> <br> <p>
First line ...<br>
Other line...
Which CSS property can be used to add space between letters?
text-size word-spacing letter-spacing
#id {
  letter-spacing: 2px;
What JavaScript function can be used to get access to HTML element with a specified ID?
getElementById() getElementsByTagName() createElement()
var elm = document.getElementById("theID");
var content = elm.innerHTML;
Click on the "echo" correct instruction.
echo "" echo ""; echo """;
echo "Address URL:";
Node.js and Express Video Tutorials

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