These flash games are different from the traditional Mahjong game, originating from China, more complex and different. These are like the puzzle genre, with a simple rule: to find pairs of identical elements; requiring attention and sense of observation.

Jolly Jong 25

Play Jolly Jong 25
Jolly Jong 25 - A Jolly-Jong with animated effects, easy and enjoyable to play.

Japanese Mahjong

Play Japanese Mahjong
Japanese Mahjong - ,This is different, it is based on the original game from China

Jolly Jong Journey

Play Jolly Jong Journey
Jolly Jong Journey - Jolly-Jong with new elements, that no need presentation.

Butterfly Kyodai

Play Butterfly Kyodai
Butterfly Kyodai - Mahjong puzzle with butterflies that delight with their flight.

Mahjongg Artifact 2

Play Mahjongg Artifact 2
Mahjongg Artifact 2 - game with theme from traditional Japanese culture, and a little manga.

Mahjongg Artifacts

Play Mahjongg Artifacts
Mahjongg Artifacts - Discover the adventure of searching for a mahjong piece.

Black And White Mahjong 2

Play Black And White Mahjong 2
Black And White Mahjong 2 - Match a black and a white mahjong stone with the same symbol to free them from the game.

Super Dragon Mahjongg

Play Super Dragon Mahjongg
Super Dragon Mahjongg - A simple Mahjong solitaire. Match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board.

Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe

Play Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe
Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe - A relaxant and easy game with free ten levels. The pieces are in 3D dimension stacked on a platform that you can rotate i

Mahjong Christmas

Play Mahjong Christmas
Mahjong Christmas - A Christmas theme Mahjong game. Click 2 Identical Items to remove them from board.
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