In this type of games the main goal is to get out of a particular location, free. Combine logic and perspicacity in solving puzzles and finding clues and items needed to pass various doors or logic themes.

Fun House

Play Fun House
Fun House - Discover the number-key to get out of a room with lots of toys.

Modern Living Room

Play Modern Living Room
Modern Living Room - Try to find the keys around the room and the number to open the exit door.

Library Hall

Play Library Hall
Library Hall - In this game find the way and measures that are available around the room and escape from the library.

Samsara Room

Play Samsara Room
Samsara Room - Dare to enter a very mysterious room escape game, into a dream that seems real. Do not deny and do not believe nothing.

Puzzle Baby Room

Play Puzzle Baby Room
Puzzle Baby Room - Find all the blocks to get the key that opens the exit door from this single room.

Backyard Escape

Play Backyard Escape
Backyard Escape - Look for hidden items, join and use them to get the three spheres that opens the gate.

Celebrity Gold Room

Play Celebrity Gold Room
Celebrity Gold Room - Discover all the targets, elements and puzzle to get out of the room shortly.

Artist Room

Play Artist Room
Artist Room - Use all the clues and hidden items to find and unlock the object that opens the exit door..

Escape From 26

Play Escape From 26
Escape From 26 - A little girl trapped in a house into a cage looks for a way to get out free.

Blue Crystal Room

Play Blue Crystal Room
Blue Crystal Room - Attempt to find the key that opens the door to get out of this house.

Cushy Room

Play Cushy Room
Cushy Room - Look for clues and hidden objects to get the key that is allways in your bag.

Amazing Escape

Play Amazing Escape
Amazing Escape - Use your escaper mind to find all the scattered and hidden objects, and use them intelligently to open the exit door.

Color Room

Play Color Room
Color Room - Colors, toys and hidden numbers in three rooms for the key that opens the door.

Ranch Escape

Play Ranch Escape
Ranch Escape - Trapped alone inside a ranch house. Look for all useful items, solve puzzles to open the exit door.
The Independent House
Play The Independent House
The Independent House - Use your mind to solve the puzzles and find the main door key to escape from this game.
Red Laser Room
Play Red Laser Room
Red Laser Room - Discover all items and clues to solve all puzzle, find way to close the red laser to escape from here.
Lovely Baby Room
Play Lovely Baby Room
Lovely Baby Room - Discover the potential clues and figure out all the tricky puzzles to break loose from the lovely kid`s room.
Fairy House
Play Fairy House
Fairy House - Explore the house find useful objects and clues, combine them to free the traped dove.
One Room Escape
Play One Room Escape
One Room Escape - An eazy escape game, get all the pieces that complete the picture, and open the door.
Break Free The Pirate Ship
Play Break Free The Pirate Ship
Break Free The Pirate Ship - Look for hidden objects and clues to find a lifeboat to can get off the pirate ship.
Wowescape The Sweetheart
Play Wowescape The Sweetheart
Wowescape The Sweetheart - Discover where a little doggy is trapped and help it to get out of home.
South Deep Gold Mine
Play South Deep Gold Mine
South Deep Gold Mine - Find 6 pieces of gold, 4 dynamites and use the clues and items to open the way out of the mine.
House Of Mystery
Play House Of Mystery
House Of Mystery - Sneaky has built a house with some smart secrets to check how you solve that problem and escape.
Class Room Escape
Play Class Room Escape
Class Room Escape - Who wants to go to school? in this game you not skip class; just find the way to open the door.
Quick 25 Doors Escape
Play Quick 25 Doors Escape
Quick 25 Doors Escape - Check your talent by opening 25 doors of this building. Through easy puzzles you can open these doors.
Chubby Hamster
Play Chubby Hamster
Chubby Hamster - A little hamster wants to get away from a place he was closed. Use your skill to help it run away freely.
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