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  1. » jod
    Hi, I am working with plugins for ckeditor developed by you. And I got stuck with a little problem. The plugins are imgupload.php and imgbrowse.php....
    Last post » Admin
    Can you post here the full/absolute path of the imgupload.php file starting from server root, and the location of the upload folder? So, to know the...

  2. » alfordfiles
    I use the Drop-Down Select Lists Creator, it is working great!
    A simple question: Client wants first pulldown menu to have a different default option...
    Last post » Admin
    There is Not a limit to the number of sub-levels for the Drop-down select lists.
    I just tested the script with a set of select-lists with 10...

  3. » alfordfiles
    Hello - I am loving the multiple drop down select lists creator from: - and wondering if there is a way to use multiple calls to different slists on...
    Last post » Admin
    The IDs structure and the function to start the script are completely changed in the new version. The files with select lists data must have the...

  4. » David
    Hi Marplo,
    I haven't tried yet, but is it possible to load both the star-rating and the Like/Dislike script from the one header or is the js and JSON...
    Last post » David
    I really appreciate the offer to help, but I think I've got enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks finishing everything else off. Then I will...

  5. » hups
    One last questions.
    Maximum number of rows what do you mean by that? the letters or words?
    when i set rows to 30 i can write 35 words is this not...
    Last post » Admin
    If you refer to this line of code in setchat.php:
    define ( 'MAXROWS' ,  30 );      // Maximum number of rows registered for chat   ...

  6. » hups
    I have set the $c_subdir = ''.$username.'';//$username comes from database
    the chat is looking ok, the entrys come from harry.txt,
    The chat...
    Last post » Admin
    I didn't understand well the problem, I not know what " $first_get_value comes from the side " is; but if the problem has to do with the...

  7. » hups
    In the PHP Chat script from where can i set intervall?
    Last post » Admin
    The callphp variable is used to control when to load the chat data from php or directly from the txt file with chatroom.
    Reading a txt file with data...

  8. » kimmi

    When I try to create a new directory I receive the following pop up error:
    E_InvalidPath /customers/a/9/a/ and so...
    Last post » Admin
    Did you make any changes in the html /php code? Did you test with the "fileman.html" file and the default "test/"...

  9. » hups
    i have a problem, i set the chatdir from database :
    define ( 'CHATDIR' ,   '../chattxt/' . $usernamerow . '/' );...
    Last post » Admin
    I made the Chat script to can be used with sub-folders in the "chattxt/" directory for chatrooms.
    Download again the script from: , and...

  10. » hiromik

    I followed all installation instructions, managed to reindex 500 pages, it works up to the search suggestions displaying correct phrases, but...
    Last post » hiromik
    Finally I managed to run success. My test site:

    First page has link to SSEP Search page.

    The test site has more than...

  11. » hiromik
    I sent an email including all files from my tests. I'd like to report these errors:

    1. First time re-indexing the error was 'Fatal error: Maximum...
    Last post » hiromik
    After changing file names now it works very fast on wampserver. Thanks!

    However it's still the same issue when running in debian/vmware. I'll...

  12. » David
    Hi Marplo
    I've run into trouble with this again :(

    On the demo I am testing I only have 36 games and the rating script works fine, but when I added...
    Last post » David
    Viola! it is fixed. :)

    After thinking about it, it appeared that the ratings were getting "Lost" in time as the pages are pretty heavy...

  13. » logindices
    i'm trying to modify this code so that instead of displaying all questions in the json file, it displays only 10 per quiz.
    Last post » MarPlo
    Here's the logic of that code, in its comments:
    quizzes = JSON.parse(xhttp.responseText); // gets object with all the questions from json...

  14. » David
    Good Day my friend,

    You don't actually stipulate any licence for PHP Script Chat and I want to add the script below to all of the php files I...
    Last post » MarPlo
    I added "nofallow" because the links added by users in the chat room to not affect the page rank, it is just for SEO.
    Anymay, it isn't...

  15. » David
    Is it possible to add language vars like so to the ratings script js?
    '.$lang[' rated '].'
    No doubt I would have to include the...
    Last post » David
    And at my age - I'm not going to either. :)

    So we agree on something.

    I lost the rating script because I had a test-copy in the root and I put a...

  16. » David
    Hi people,
    I'm reasonably new to PDO and have just completed a GNU project for myself that uses your rating script, from:
    And I'm stuck with this...
    Last post » David
    The script does everything that one could ask for and with a little imagination one can construct it to do just about anything that anyone would...

  17. » Admin
    Here add questions, or any issue related to the SSEP Search engine script from this page:
    SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax ( current version: 1.5...
    Last post » gabtram
    Yes my sitemap format was incorrect, thanks!

  18. » Admin
    Here add issues about the CKEditor with Image Browser and Uploder Plugins from this page: CKEditor Free Image Browse Plugin .
    Last post » Admin
    Thank you for posting the problem and the solving on forum. It is helpful for those who use PHP version 5.3 or earlier.
    I added these changes on...

  19. » Sebastian
    Has anyone downloaded/used this script: Ajax-PHP Rating Stars Script ?
    I have inserted it into my html page with PHP that will input the data...
    Last post » Admin
    You missed to add 2 slashes after the "http:".
    In your code the path to ratings.js is "http:/...", with one slashe.
    If you...

  20. » Admin
    Here add questions, or any issue about the: Ajax-PHP File Manager .
    A simple File Manager script, build with PHP and jQuery, that uses Ajax...