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  1. » mluci12
    Hello!I have this php asp( users press "Bookmark" burton he is redirected to a page...
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    You can send data to php without page refresh using Ajax. You can learn it from the: , or you can search on intenet for: " ajax tutorial...

  2. » mluci12
    How can i create a %Like select where variable is a php variable.
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    Simple, like this:
    $varnm  = 'value' ; $sql  =  SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE col_1 LIKE '%...

  3. » mluci12
    I have this php code:
    if ( $result -> num_rows  >  0 ) {   if( $row [ 'stare' ] == 'sell' ) ...
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    I suppose the cause is you concatenate the "stare" result with ".=", so, it is added to previous parsing. Try with simple...

  4. » mluci12
    <form action="" method="post">
    Type: <select name="studii" id="studii">
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    Maybe you need a "submit" button in the <form>.
    I tested this code in a php file, and it works.
    <?php ini_set ( 'display_errors'...

  5. » mluci12
    Hello!Have you any idea why this don't work?
    $user = trim($_GET['user']);...
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    The second Insert, $sql2, is not sent to mysql (with mysql_query() ).
    Also, the second insert seems wrong. Maybe this is correct:
    $sql2 =...

  6. » StefanS
    Hello, how to solve this error ? I read on different sites about this error, but i don't find solve
    - Error

    Warning: Cannot modify header...
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    You can not output something to browser before session_start() or header() function.
    So, the php code with those functions must be before html...

  7. » mluci12
    Hello! I have this html form:
    <div class="col-md-4 col-sm-12">

    <div class="contact-form bottom">...
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    The mysql_query() is deprecated, better use MySQLi or PDO.
    In the php code it is missing the data /value for $telefon. The $telefon variable is...

  8. » mluci12
    Hello!How can i sent am email after mysql insert?
    <?php // connect to the  tests  database $conn  = new ...
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    Just add the code with mail() function in the if() that performs and checks the query....

  9. » mluci12
    Hello admin
    I have next php code
       foreach( $datas  as  $row ) {         ...
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    There is a second "echo" mixed in tne echo content.
    echo  '<tr>  <td>' . $row [ 'ID' ]....

  10. » PloMar
    I use the following PHP code to get the image data from an external URL.
    $url  =  $_GET [ 'url' ]; $img  = ...
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    problem solved... it works like a charm ... thank you very much dear <3

  11. » frecia18
    <?php     mysql_connect ( 'localhost' ,  'root' );      mysql_select_db ( 'inventory' ); if(isset(...

  12. » Marius
    How can I replace part of a string with stars in php?
    For example: "marplo" to turn into "m***lo".
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    Try the function from this example:...

  13. » Marius
    Is it possible to rewrite /replace a protected method in the extended class, in php?
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    Yes, you can change the protected attribute of the method in the extended class:
    class  A  {...

  14. » Marius
    I have a form to upload audio files on server. The name of the file, path and size is stored into a table in database.
    The script is working,...
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    You can get the duration of an audio /video file with JavaScript. Then, with JS you can add the duration into an input field in the form for...

  15. » Marius
    I have this script that gets the content from an URL address and outputs it to the browser.
    $url  =  'the_url_address' ;...
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    You can use the finfo class and the buffer() method to get the mime-type of a string-content.
    Here is an example:
    $url  =  ' ;...

  16. » Marius
    What header() I need to use to output a mp3 file with php so the mp3 to play within the browser?
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    You can use this header() in php to properly output a mp3 audio file.
    header ( 'Content-Type: audio/mpeg' ); 
    - For a complete...

  17. » Marius
    I have a string with these numbers: "3 9 15 23 9 6 8 5", and I want to get a string with reversed order of those numbers.
    To get this...
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    See the code from this example. Put the numbers into an array, reverse the array items, then put the reversed numbers into a string....

  18. » Marius
    I want to make a Select SQL query that sorts ascending by a column, but the rows with NULL values to come last.
    This is the query I use (but...
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    You could use the ISNULL() function:
    $sql  = ...

  19. » PloMar
    Let say I have records into a MySQL table with IDs: 3, 5, 8, 9, 13; and I want to be able to go from one to another by navigation via...
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    Try this SQL code that combines two sql statements into one.
    SELECT * FROM table_name
    WHERE (
    id = IFNULL((SELECT MIN(id) FROM table_name...

  20. » PloMar
    How can I add a method to a stdClass object?
    For example I try this code:
    $ob  = new  stdClass ; $ob -> prop  =  'val' ;...
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    You cannot dynamically add a method to the stdClass and execute it in the normal way.
    But you can assign that object method to a variable, then...

  21. » PloMar
    I have the following object in php:
    $ob  =  new stdClass ; $ob -> name  =   'some-name' ; $ob -> email  =   'email-address' ; $ob -> site ...
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    Just use the: (array) $objectName construction.
    $ob  = new  stdClass ; $ob -> name  =  'some-name' ; $ob ->...

  22. » PloMar
    I have a script that the user can upload and delete images on server. The issue I am running into is that when the user changes his image on...
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    The simpliest way to force a refresh /reload of that image after upload is to add an unique " ?hash " to the URL /SRC adress...

  23. » Marius
    I have this php exercise:
    - Calculate the final sum of the digits of a number, till get a number with one digit.
    For example:
    $nr = 458;
    // the...
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    Another example with a recursive function:
    <?php function add ( $nr )   {   $nr  =  array_sum ( str_split ( $nr ));   if ( strlen ( $nr )   ==  1...

  24. » PloMar
    I have the following method to update data in MySQL table.
    public function update ( $table ,  $rows ){   foreach ( $rows as $k  =>  $v )  ...
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    Try this code:
    public function update ( $table ,  $rows ){   $set  =   [];   foreach ( $rows as $k  =>  $v )   {     $set []...

  25. » Marius
    I have a table in mysql database, with 3 columns: id | title | description .
    The id column is INT AUTO_INCREMENT .
    Does anyone know how to select...
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    If you're using PDO, use PDO::lastInsertId();// To Display the last Inserted value
    If you're using MySql, use mysql_insert_id();// To Display the...