1. » PloMar
    I use the following PHP code to get the image data from an external URL.
    $url = $_GET ;...
    Last post » nadera
    problem solved... it works like a charm ... thank you very much dear <3

  2. » frecia18
        mysql_connect('localhost', 'root');
    if(isset($_GET ) && isset($_GET ) && $_GET...

  3. » Marius
    How can I replace part of a string with stars in php?
    For example: marplo to turn into m***lo .
    Last post » Admin
    Try the function from this example:
    // Replace in $str the characters starting from $first (0 first character) to $last, with $rep...

  4. » Marius
    Is it possible to rewrite /replace a protected method in the extended class, in php?
    Last post » Admin
    Yes, you can change the protected attribute of the method in the extended class:
    class A {
      protected function f1(){
        return 'abc';

  5. » Marius
    I have a form to upload audio files on server. The name of the file, path and size is stored into a table in database.
    The script is...
    Last post » Admin
    You can get the duration of an audio /video file with JavaScript. Then, with JS you can add the duration into an input field in the form for...

  6. » Marius
    I have this script that gets the content from an URL address and outputs it to the browser.
    $url = 'the_url_address';...
    Last post » Admin
    You can use the finfo class and the buffer() method to get the mime-type of a string-content.
    Here is an example:
    $url = '...

  7. » Marius
    What header() I need to use to output a mp3 file with php so the mp3 to play within the browser?
    Last post » Admin
    You can use this header() in php to properly output a mp3 audio file.
    header('Content-Type: audio/mpeg'); 
    - For a complete code see this page:

  8. » Marius
    I have a string with these numbers: 3 9 15 23 9 6 8 5 , and I want to get a string with reversed order of those numbers.
    To get this string:...
    Last post » Admin
    See the code from this example. Put the numbers into an array, reverse the array items, then put the reversed numbers into a string....

  9. » Marius
    I want to make a Select SQL query that sorts ascending by a column, but the rows with NULL values to come last.
    This is the query I use (but...
    Last post » Admin
    You could use the ISNULL() function:
    $sql =  SELECT * FROM mp_tab WHERE col < 50 ORDER BY (ISNULL(col) OR col =''), col ASC ; 
    Or, in the...

  10. » PloMar
    Let say I have records into a MySQL table with IDs: 3, 5, 8, 9, 13; and I want to be able to go from one to another by navigation via...
    Last post » MarPlo
    Try this SQL code that combines two sql statements into one.
    SELECT * FROM table_name
    WHERE (
    id = IFNULL((SELECT MIN(id) FROM table_name...

  11. » PloMar
    How can I add a method to a stdClass object?
    For example I try this code:
    $ob = new stdClass;
    $ob->prop = 'val';...
    Last post » Admin
    You cannot dynamically add a method to the stdClass and execute it in the normal way.
    But you can assign that object method to a variable, then...

  12. » PloMar
    I have the following object in php:
    $ob = new stdClass;
    $ob->name = 'some-name';
    $ob->email = 'email-address';
    $ob->site = '
    How can I...
    Last post » Admin
    Just use the: (array) $objectName construction.
    $ob = new stdClass;
    $ob->name = 'some-name';
    $ob->email = 'email-address';...

  13. » PloMar
    I have a script that the user can upload and delete images on server. The issue I am running into is that when the user changes his image on...
    Last post » Admin
    The simpliest way to force a refresh /reload of that image after upload is to add an unique ?hash to the URL /SRC adress (src=...

  14. » Marius
    I have this php exercise:
    - Calculate the final sum of the digits of a number, till get a number with one digit.
    For example:
    $nr = 458;
    Last post » sandy
    Another example with a recursive function:
    function add($nr) {
      $nr = array_sum(str_split($nr));
      if(strlen($nr) == 1) return $nr;...

  15. » PloMar
    I have the following method to update data in MySQL table.
    public function update($table, $rows){
      foreach($rows as $k => $v) {...
    Last post » Admin
    Try this code:
    public function update($table, $rows){
      $set = [];
      foreach($rows as $k => $v) {
        $set[] =  $k='$v' ;
      $sql = ...

  16. » Marius
    I have a table in mysql database, with 3 columns: id | title | description .
    The id column is INT AUTO_INCREMENT .
    Does anyone know how to...
    Last post » sandy
    If you're using PDO, use PDO::lastInsertId();// To Display the last Inserted value
    If you're using MySql, use mysql_insert_id();// To Display...

  17. » PloMar
    I have the following code that uses DOMDocument to get some data from a html string in PHP.
    // string with HTML content...
    Last post » MarPlo
    The nodeValue attribute gives you the combined text of all the child nodes.
    To get the text value of the first child text node only, use:...

  18. » PloMar
    I wrote a PHP code to insert some data in to MySQL database. I want to display a message indicating whether the records are successfully added to the...
    Last post » sandy
    try {
          $db_user = 'root';
              $db_pass = 'pass'; 
              $db = new PDO( 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=the_db', $db_user, $db_pass );...

  19. » PloMar
    I have the following code that saves on the server a png image generated with php.
    In that image I add a text (using imagettftext()), but...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can use the imagettfbbox() function, it returns an array with 8 elements representing four points making the bounding box of the text....

  20. » PloMar
    How can I save the content of the current php page into a html file, only after a form is submitted?
    For example, I have the following code...
    Last post » MarPlo
    If you want to save the page content after a form is submitted, another way is to add the page code into a hidden field in that form, with JavaScript...

  21. » PloMar
    I have the following Select in MySQL:
    $sql = SELECT * FROM table_1 WHERE rank = 2 AND id IN(2, 5, 8) ;
    But the IDs (2, 5, 8, ...) must be from a...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can use multiple Select statements in the same SQL query.
    Try this query, using a sub-select that selects the IDs.
    $sql = SELECT * FROM table_1...

  22. » PloMar
    I have two text fields, one for the date in 08/21/2012 format and a second field containing the time in the format 09:41am .
    How can I end up...
    Last post » MarPlo
    On the database side, you can use:
    - STR_TO_DATE() to convert into a database friendly format.
    SELECT STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT('08/21/2012', '09:41am'),...

  23. » PloMar
    I want to insert a DateTime object in database (created in PHP) where the column type is DateTime. How can I do?
    I am using this code:
    $cdate = new...
    Last post » MarPlo
    Use the Y-m-d H:i:s date-time format in PHP, it is the format of the DateTime column in MySQL.
    $cdate = new DateTime('now');...

  24. » PloMar
    How can I replace the new lines with a single space in a string in PHP?
    For example I have this $str variable with a string content with...
    Last post » Admin
    You can use str_replace() with PHP_EOL.
    $str = 'First line
    Second row
    Other line ...';
    $str = str_replace(PHP_EOL, ' ', $str);
    echo $str; ...

  25. » PloMar
    What's the best way to delete a directory with all its files in it?
    I'm using rmdir(PATH . '/' . $value); to delete a folder, however, if there are...
    Last post » Admin
    This function will allow you to delete any folder (as long as it's writable) and it's files and subdirectories:
    function deleteDir($path) {...