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  1. » Marius
    Which is better to use:
    <input type= button />
    What are the main differences between the two, if any?...
    Last post » Admin
    From what i found on the internet.
    You can put html into a <BUTTON> tag, for example an image, or other tags, and it is much easier to...

  2. » Marius
    When I want to refer to some part of a webpage with the -method, should I use:
    <h3><a name= foo />Mark...
    Last post » Admin
    In HTML5 the <a> element has no name attribute.
    My vote is for ID.
    <a href= #Mark >Link Text</a>
    ... Content ...
    <span id=...

  3. » Marius
    I have some DIVs added one after the other, positioned inline, when one of them changes its contents, it appears positioned below the other....
    Last post » MarPlo
    Try set in CSS: max-height and max-width to those DIVs.
    And, you can test these css properties to see which is better for what you want:...