Doing custom work for the scripts from website

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Doing custom work for the scripts from website

You have been so very helpful, and the script "Drop-Down Select Lists Creator" is working great - but my project is so massive that there are many repetitive menus so symptoms can be selected.
Would you be available to do some custom work?
As I do not want to take advantage of your willingness to help further without payment. I know there is a way to automate this tedious process further, but I just don't know how.

I not involve myself in custom changes for scripts, or to work on other projects for payment.
I appreciate more the peace of mind, to spend the time freely, on my way, without obligations for money or other kind of payment.
- If you have questions about this script or other things related to php, javascript, html or css; you can open topics on forum. If I'll can, I'll post response, or maybe other persons who visit this forum will know how to help and they will add response.

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