Some Flash and ActionScript 3 Tutorials with examples.

  1. ActionScript 3 - Change MovieClip Color
  2. Accessing objects in different Timeline
  3. A class for Scroll text
  4. XML data from ActionScript to a PHP script
  5. Tutorial Motion Presets
  6. Adding sounds to buttons
  7. Adding Filters effects

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes the input text box to not be modified by the user?
checked="checked" readonly="readonly" disabled="disabled"
<input type="text" value="fixed-value" readonly="readonly" name="a_name" />
What CSS property allows you to create rounded corners in your webpage design?
background-size border-size border-radius
.class {
  border:2px solid blue;
What instruction displays a confirmation dialog box to the viewer, who must then click OK or Cancel to proceed?
indexOf() confirm() prompt()
var ques = window.confirm("The result of 0+0 is 0?");
if (ques) alert("Corect");
else alert("Incorrect");
Indicate the PHP function that returns the lowest number of the parameter values.
floor() ceil() min()
$min_nr = min(12, 8, 25, 13);
echo $min_nr;        // 8
Flash Tutorials ActionScript 3

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