Rhombus shape with DIV tag and CSS properties. The Rhombus shape is created by borders.
<style type="text/css">
#rhombus {
 position: relative;
 top: -60px;
 width: 0;
 height: 0;
 border: 60px solid transparent;
 border-bottom: 75px solid #05ed08;

/* Bottom area */
#rhombus:after {
 position: absolute;
 left: -60px;
 top: 75px;
 width: 0;
 height: 0;
 border: 60px solid transparent;
 border-top: 75px solid #05ed08;
 content: '';

/* Content in rhombus */
#rhombus div {
 position: relative;
 margin: 63px auto 0 -41px;
 font-weight: bold;
 z-index: 888;

<div id="rhombus"><div>CoursesWeb</div></div>

Daily Test with Code Example

Click on the tag that creates an ordered list
<ul> <tr> <ol>
Which selector represents the ID of an element in CSS
.name #name name
#id {
  color: #0110fb;
What statement creates an object in JavaScript?
{} [] new Date()
var obj = {"site": "CoursesWeb.net", "pr": 5};
Indicate the instruction used to evaluate if a condiition is True or False
else if() switch()
$var = 8;
if($var == 8) echo $var;
CSS Rhombus Shape

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